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by Nate Lee
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Home on summer break following her junior year of college, Haley Jacobs is enjoying some time with her family while working at her mother's bakery. Life is good and all is well... until the doorbell rings one fateful afternoon, heralding a heartbreaking tragedy—a death in the family.

As if that weren't gut-wrenching enough, Linda, Haley's mother, receives a phone call the day after the funeral. The grave of the deceased has been violated. The casket has been unearthed and pried open. It appears as though nothing has been taken off of the departed, but... who would do such a vile thing? Some sick prankster looking to get their kicks? Could it be someone seeking revenge? They may never know the answer.

With the ugliness of that detestable act now behind them, Haley is hopeful that brighter days lie ahead. But everyone knows that tragedies always come in threes. She soon makes an unsettling discovery. A talent belonging to her late loved one is suddenly thrust into mainstream media by a complete stranger. The skill is too unique and its resemblance to this copycat is too uncanny to be coincidental. Who is this charlatan, and how was this ability acquired? Could it be as simple as a case of plagiarism, or is there something much darker and more sinister afoot? Can Haley catch this chameleon and put a stop to this defilement before it occurs again? Find out in Imposter!




















Imposter Nate Lee

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